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2020 Bullet Journal Set Up | New Year Spread Ideas

I can’t believe it is 2020! Seriously blows my mind. I mean, I graduated from high school in 2000. That was 20 years ago?! How the heck did that happen?

So today I wanted to share how I set up my 2020 Bullet Journal. I love the new year because it means a fresh start in a new planner. Which is so exciting to me!

First is my cover page. I decided to stick with a camera type theme with Tombow Pastel markers. Bright, cheery and something I am passionate about.

The next pages are my yearly overview pages. I love having the calendar style that I can look back on and an area to write important days to remember. Such as holidays, birthdays, and upcoming events.

I LOVE books. Like, I am highly addicted. Fiction, Non Fiction… I listen and read all depending on my mood. So this is my book tracker. On the left, I will write down the book I read and give it up to a 5 star rating. As I read a book, I will color in one of the 50 books that are in the bookcase. Just a fun way to make the spread more exciting for me.

Since I do social media, I have a page for YouTube and Instagram tracking. As I hit a milestone, I will mark it. This can be used for anything! Such as weight loss, savings and anything else you would like to mark. So fun to see how far you can go!

Of course I added a page for my goals. I have 4 categories that I plan to set goals on. Personal, Work, Family, and Habits.

And I needed a word for the year. Last year was FOCUS, but this year I chose BELIEVE. I want to have more faith in myself and all the things I can accomplish. I have been known to be far too hard on myself, so if I remember to always believe, then I believe I will make it far with the things I want to achieve. I GOT THIS! And so do YOU!

Thank you for joining me and seeing my 2020 spread! Here is to a fun year where we accomplish our goals! Let’s do this! Happy NEW YEAR!

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Items I used: *Some of these links may be affiliate links*

Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal https://amzn.to/2JJksRc
Traveler’s Notebook https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1372643016
Crayola Super Tips https://amzn.to/2tDQw2E
Tombow Markers Pastel http://amzn.to/2EqtKQp
Tombow Markers Galaxy http://amzn.to/2opefSe
Pens http://amzn.to/2GBW03o

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