3 Easy Super Bowl Dip Recipies

Super Bowl is almost here!

Are you throwing a party at your house or are you supposed to bring a dish to a friend’s?

No worries! I gotcha!

I am going to share not one, but THREE amazing dips that will surely be a hit for the big game! SCORE!! or TOUCHDOWN!!!

And no worries because my awesome family of seven already did a taste test to show you which one is our favorite at our house! But they are all super easy and super GOOD! You can find each recipe in the video below or if you prefer it to be written out, keep on scrolling down.

Do you have a recipe that your mom or dad or someone super special made all the time? ME TOO! My first recipe is so simple and easy and it is always a big hit at parties! I like to call it Diddy’s Bean Dip. You know, cause I call my dad Diddy as a nickname. You can just call it Bean Dip if you prefer! I won’t be offended. 😝


1 30 oz can of Refried Beans
1 16 oz jar of Salsa (I like mine hot)
1 cup of Shredded Cheese (cheddar or Mexican blend)

Warm beans and entire jar of salsa over stove top. Add one cup of cheese and cook until melted. Serve with a sprinkle of cheese and sour cream on top. Delicious with Fritos or Tortillas Chips. Or even served on tacos!


3 Avocados
1 small Tomato (diced)
1 small Onion (diced)
Dash of Lime Juice
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Cumin

Cut and add avocados to large bowl. Mash lightly with a spoon. Add diced tomatoes and onions to bowl. Add a dash of lime juice to keep avocados from browning too quickly. Add salt and cumin. If you like spice, add a little cayenne pepper as well. Mix ingredients together, trying to not make it too mushy by stirring too much. Serve as a yummy dip or with tacos!


10 oz bag frozen chopped Spinach (thawed)
12 oz jar Artichoke Hearts
8 oz cream cheese
3/4 cup sour cream
1 cup shredded Parmesan Cheese
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Black Pepper

Drain any excess water from spinach by squeezing with hands, add to bowl. Cut artichoke hearts to smaller pieces as desired, add to spinach and mix together. Add cream cheese and sour cream to pot, medium heat. Stir until melted. Add shredded Parmesan Cheese, salt and pepper and continue to stir until melted. Add spinach and artichoke and cook for an additional 5 minutes, or until hot.

Each of these recipes are super good with Tortilla Chips, Fritos, or Pita Bread.

ENJOY and may the best dip, TEAM win!

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