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4 Weekly Spread for Bullet Journaling

I am just loving the customization of my bullet journal! I can create so many different ways to plan. Each weekly spread can be the same, or they can be totally different. You can make them shorter for a lazy week and loads of room for a super busy week. I have so many different weekly spreads that I have tried and plan on trying so many more!

Today I am going to share 4 of those tried and true weekly spreads that I have used. And have loved. Not only will I be sharing the photos of those spreads, but if you watch the video HERE then you can even see these spreads completely filled out and slightly different. I will be sharing my past spreads of the ones I have already created, used in several different ways. And you can see exactly how I created these spreads as well!

4 Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

This spread is for a non busy week. It doesn’t have as much room for your planning on the left, but still plenty to add your main tasks. It even gives you two sections on each side. One can be used for personal, and one for business. Or you can doodle on one side. I have done that before as well! And then the right side is all for your notes, habits, and whatever else you feel like adding. But if you didn’t need the page on the right, them just create another weekly spread just like the one on the left to save some space!

I love dutch doors! So much so that my next weekly spread will be me sharing several of them for the month of December. Can’t wait to film that video! This is one that I have tried many times already! It gives you plenty of space for those super busy weeks. And room on the sides for those extra things you want to track.

This is one of those quick spreads when you just don’t have time to think about it. So easy yet still super cute! I use this spread very often when I fall behind. ha!

This spread is also really easy and I love it! There is plenty of space for all your tasks. Even room to draw a doodle each day or write a quick journal entry. Use it any way that you like!

Alrighty guys! What was your favorite spread? Which will you be trying and using? Have you made any that are similar or any that are just like them? Let me know! Tag me on instagram so I can see them!

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