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April Bullet Journal | Plan With Me

Wow… Did Life get crazy or what? This past month we’re all living through something completely new. We’re home, playing it safe. We’re keeping to ourselves and social distancing.

I got sick for a while there and am still unsure if it was covid-19, but I’m finally feeling a bit better. Only took a month… YIKES!

Since we are all pretty much stuck at home, I decided to do a traditional Spring vibe type of theme. Flowers and bees! Why not bring a bit of color and outdoors into our lives?!

“Where flowers BLOOM so does HOPE.” I found this quote very fitting for the times. It’s spring time. When the flowers bloom and new birth comes. It’s normally a time that we come more out of hibernation and explore. But with all that’s going on, it’s different. But remember, the flowers are still blooming. And we can pull through. Hope for a good outcome. Hope for an end. Hope for time spent with the people you love most. There is still so much HOPE!

This is my monthly overview. I kept it simple but I love the idea of the beehive and the flowers. This is honestly my first time using watercolors in 20 years. I was so nervous about it, but it was so much fun! Not perfect by any means, but that’s the joy of painting!

I have been awful at planning out all the things since I have been sick. And honestly, dinner and YouTube videos are my main things I like to track. I also always love having a page fore my notes. A place to write random thoughts is a must!

For my mood tracker, I decided to use the beehive look. It was super easy to draw and still fun. I normally have a page here for habits as well, but I decided to add my habits weekly for this month cause I’m still recovering from being sick. So instead I added a moving check list page. We are moving this month! I will have an empty house tour on my Kristin’s Chaotic Life YouTube channel soon!

Thank you for joining me for my APRIL 2020 spread! I plan on sharing my weekly pages very soon so stay in touch!

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