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Christmas Clean and Decorate With Me | Homemade Snowman Ornaments

I am beyond excited to announce that I have decorated for Christmas! And I am absolutely in love! OK, I’m not completely done yet, but I plan to focus on that a lot the next week so I can do a Christmas House Tour video and photo shoot for you all! So expect lots of Christmas for the next few weeks! I mean, it is time after all! Or it will be after tomorrow since tomorrow is Turkey day!

But today we are focusing on what I actually do have done! My living room is mostly taken care of. There are a few more items I plan to add. Like the stockings. I need some stocking hangers still! I plan to check out the Dollar Tree and see if they have what I need. I need 8 of them, so affordable is definitely a must!

First thing was taking down all of the Fall decor. I pretty much just grabbed it all and threw in in a pile to put in my fall basket with my Halloween decor. Same season so I just put it all together! Luckily everything fit.

Then it was time for the tree. And oh my gosh I looked like I had been in a blizzard from this Walmart flocked tree I bought last year! It is gorgeous but so messy! Worth it! Though I did go and pick up a sick child from the school covered in it. She was eyeballing me wondering where the heck I had just come from since it was a sunny day that day.

I looked at her and said, “No, I did not just come from a blizzard, I was putting up my Christmas Tree!” She just nodded like she understand.

My kids did help and you can see that in the video I made. I more filmed than took pictures of that. Whoops! They did do the star of course! We give them each a turn to put the star on top of the tree. It keeps decorating the Christmas tree a bit more peaceful if they all get a turn, if you ask me. Am I right?! I mean, kids can fight over anything!

My absolute favorite part of the tree are these handmade ornaments made by my husband Lee! They were such a perfect addition to our tree this year! I am literally in love with them! He is selling them HERE if anyone is interested! You can buy a set of 4 of these rustic farmhouse style snowmen ornaments! SO CUTE!

Now it is time to spam you with several more photos of the tree! We decorated with a white, silver and blue theme. Like a Winter Wonderland! I did get this buffalo check from Joann’s and love it! Time for me to find more white and black buffalo check ornaments for the tree!

Ok guys! I am not completely done with this tree yet so stay tuned for the finishing touches. There are a few more items I plan on adding and I will take better and more beautiful photos to share with it! I can’t wait! Remember, if you want to buy your own snowmen, then click here to buy your own set! And to get the full effect of me cleaning and decorating, go watch this video here! Thank you so much for joining me today!

Some links may be affiliate links! If you order from some of these links, I could make a very small profit. But it doesn’t cost you anything more at all! Thank you for your support!

Buffalo Check Garland

Handmade Snowmen Ornaments

Walmart Flocked Christmas Tree

Blue and Silver Ornaments

Snowflake Ornaments

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