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December Bullet Journal Setup | Plan With Me

Wow. Has this year flown by or what? I swear 2019 was a total blur. Like, wasn’t it just March?

Oh well! Get with the times, woman! It is nearly December 2019 and with that brings another super fun Plan With Me in my Bullet Journal! So excited to share this one with you guys!

While I sat by my cozy fireplace with a book beside me, I wondered what the heck I was go to do with my theme for December. I thought of all the fun Christmas themes. I could do ornaments? Snowmen? Wait, that was last years theme… And with that I used Christmas lights. What about Santa? Or Christmas trees? Or all the things!

That’s when it struck me. Two of my absolute favorite things I can’t live without during the holidays. A cozy fireplace and a good book! Which started my theme. So I drew in a brick fireplace with some books on top and decided to give it a good Christmas vibe with some stockings and a wreath. I love it! “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is so cliche, I know. But it was extremely fitting. Here in Oregon, the weather can be below freezing most of December. Brrrrr!

Ok… So I am really proud of my monthly spread. I LOVE IT! I looked at my blank page and tried to figure out how I could fit those two things in and that’s when I got the idea to stagger the bricks and use books as my goals, to do list and so on. I even ran to the thrift store to buy an old book I could use to add as well. *RIP book. You are still loved and I plan to use you many many more times.*

This page is all about tracking those things that I need to, well, track. Since I make YouTube videos at Kristin’s Chaotic Life and Kristin’s Bujo Life I of course like to plan and keep track of my videos. (I have learned to use a pencil here though because it definitely gets switched around a lot.) Then there is dinner. I suck at dinner if I’m not tracking what our meals will be.

The page on the right is all about my chores. I like to follow the Flylady system so I created this page to help me keep track of those chores. The top are my daily chores; morning routine, night routine, and laundry. My weekly chores is based off of my Home Blessing Hour; vacuum, dust, mop, windows, wash sheets, and take all trash out. And my monthly chores are my Zone Cleaning. There are 5 zones that I tackle for the month. I will be making a whole blog post on this in the future so stay tuned!

I don’t know why, but the mood and habit trackers are some of my favorite pages to create! I love the challenge of creating something that is a bit different and hopefully unique. It took me a bit to figure out how to do the mood tracker, but once it hit me, it just flew onto the page and turned into this. I LOVE IT! For each day that I am happy, content, okay, and struggling, I have different brick colors to color in for that day. I really can’t wait to see how this turns out after it’s finished!

I decided to track 6 things this month. Last month I only did 4 but I thought I would step up my game. I drew these books and just numbered 31 spaces inside of them. (Ok I did 30 so that means on 31 I better do them all since it is already marked.) For each day that I complete a habit, I will draw in the chevron lines.

This last page is really simple and to the point. I have a page for bigger tasks that I need to keep track of on one page. Like blog posts or my YouTube videos. It will just help me to keep track of what I need to focus on for the week. And the next page is just for notes. Just a place to write anything that comes to mind, but doesn’t really have a space.

Alright guys! That is my December Spread! I will be creating my weekly spreads very soon. If you want to watch me actually create and draw these spreads, then CLICK HERE to watch! See you in the next one!

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