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Dollar Tree Teacher Gift Ideas | $5 OR Less | Teacher Appreciation

Teachers are amazing. Like, beyond amazeballs! I honestly have no idea how they do all that they do. They deal with kids, MY KIDS, all day! How crazy is that?!? So for me, getting my kids teachers a gift to show them some love is a definite YES!

I have four super cute and fun gift ideas that were all on a budget! I went to the Dollar Tree and didn’t spend more than $5 on each gift! (I live in Oregon with no sales tax, so it really wasn’t more! 😉) Each gift idea comes with a free printable just for you!

You will need some ribbon, a whole puncher (if you have one) and some scissors. These are the extras that I already had on hand. Now let’s get on with the gifts!


All you will need is a 4 types of candy, any kind, and a tin cup. Just put them in the cup and you will have a super easy, yet super tasty treat for your teacher! Hopefully they’re not on a diet! Don’t forgot the cute printable! HAVING YOU AS MY TEACHER IS SO SWEET!

Click Here for Free Printable Here!

And here is the finished look! Notice how my is boring in black and white. I’m not cool enough for a colored printer yet. GOALS! And remember, you can get any type of candy you want. Or you can even fill it up with more but I was keeping mine at $5. Another thing you can add to this is a code for a free Redbox movie! Who doesn’t like to eat some snacks while watching a movie?!


I love me some Chick-O-Sticks. And some coconuts. So when I found this cute coconut at the Dollar Tree I just had to make this! I bought 2 bags of the candy, 1 would be plenty though, and the coconut. $3! Can’t beat that!
Click Here for Free Printable Here!



I just thought this one was too cute! Obviously if you don’t find the coconut in your Dollar Tree, you can use any type of gift box, tin, bag you want. 









I love notes. And planning. And pens. And anything that has to do with it. So I thought that if you didn’t want to give your teacher any junk food, then this would be a perfect fit! Summer note taking is great! 

Click Here for Free Printable!


Isn’t the tassel on this just too cute! Another super easy, yet thoughtful gift for that special teacher! Just put everything in the bag and attach the tassel and note! If I were your kids teacher, I would LOVE this!








Who doesn’t need a good pamper night after taking care of my kids?!? I know I do! So that is why this gift would be perfect for the ladies. The Dollar Tree has so many cheap, yet great items for a good ol’ pamper session!

Click Here for Free Printable!


They had the cutest gift boxes for a pamper night! Just add what you want and your teacher will be thrilled! After all, they totally deserve it! I added some nail polish, toe grooming kit, face mask, and some lip balm. Heck yeah! 



There you have it! Four super fun, super affordable, and super cute gifts for those amazing teachers! You know they deserve it, and more. 

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