Hello all! It’s that time again. You know, me trying to get my chaotic life back in order. Every so often I get the urge to do so…. So flylady it is cause that seems to be what really works for me! Some times… When I try…

So today we are going to talk a bit about the Home Blessing Hour. Which is usually done on Monday but since my house is usually trashed from the busy weekend, I have to tidy first. Ha!

So here is me doing my Home Blessing Hour!

The idea of the Home Blessing Hour is to not be perfect. I can totally do that! Set a time for 10 minutes for each of these 7 chores and get to work (not all will take a full 10 minutes).

Don’t move furniture or decorations. Just speed clean your home. You will take care of the deep cleaning while you work in your zones. Honestly, setting the timer makes it a bit more fun. You are basically racing to see just how much you can get done! Oh, and you have to stop when the timer does or else you could get a bit overwhelmed. Or I do at least… I hate stopping in the middle of things, but I am telling you, this isn’t about perfection. It really does work in blessing your home, your family, and, well, your sanity! Give it a try!

Below is a free printable to add to your Home Binder. I like to put mine in a plastic sleeve so I can continuously reuse the same sheet and check it off with a dry eraser. There is just something extremely satisfying about checking each one of these off. Let’s go bless our homes!


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