I have noticed so many spending tons of money on their kids’ Easter basket. And that is great! Don’t get me wrong! But some of us live by our budget and try to keep it a bit more simple. Like us!

We live by a strict budget. At the end of every year, my husband and I sit down and discuss how much we plan to spend for each holiday. So, for this particular year, we decided on a $30 budget for Easter. And while that doesn’t seem like a ton of money… like, at all… We make it work for our 3 youngest kids!

What is in my kids' Easter Baskets from the Dollar Tree? We live by our strict budget and that includes our Holidays! So here I will be sharing what I got for my kids for Easter for those of us that love to keep it more simple.

That’s where the Dollar Tree comes in! The Dollar Tree has so many fun, cute things to choose from! So I was able to spend $30 on 3 kids and I just know my kids are going to have a blast! Besides, it’s the Easter Egg hunting with candy inside that is the most fun for my 3 competitive boys!

Come watch this video just to see exactly what I got my boys for Easter on a cheap budget from the Dollar Tree!

What is one of your must haves in your Easter Baskets?! We always have to have a chocolate bunny in ours! Well, one for each person cause us adults need chocolate too. Am I right?!?!

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