My Flylady Morning Routine

My mornings before Flylady went something like this…

Wake up:

Jump out of bed cause, you know, I hit snooze way too many times for staying up late reading an awesome book I just couldn’t put down (OK, I’m still guilty of that).
Throw on a robe and run to each kid’s rooms to yell at them to get up or they’re going to be late for school.
Hurry and find the most frumpy clothes cause they’re easy.
Pour the kids the most sugary cereal in the pantry, that I ended up scarfing down as well because… well, who’s got time for a well balanced breakfast in this chaos?! HA!
Then it becomes a mad dash of: “Mom, have you seen my shoes?” “Mom, I’m tired!” Mom, I want the other cereal!” “MOM! MOM! MOM!!!”
My own shoes are misplaced, I can’t find my keys, I step on that friggen’ lego for the 3rd time! ‘Why can’t the kids pick up their own crap for once?!’
And eventually, I make it out the door, no bra, hair a lion’s mane, dragon breath and all…
Yep! That was the story of my life.

~ Ok fine, I’m not perfect. This can still be some of my mornings. But they aren’t EVERY morning anymore! HA!

I needed to fix something. I needed routines. I just couldn’t keep up. So, what did I do? I found Flylady!

She seemed more like an angel than a fly! If you are ready to get your life in order, set routines, chores, and just fly through your day, then I highly recommend checking her out!

For this blog post, we are talking about our mornings. Are you ready for a Morning Routine that will simplify your life? That will have your clothes ready and waiting for you first thing? Okay okay,… I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s actually part of the Before Bed Routine which we will get into on the next blog post. Your night and morning routines play hand in hand. If you do the night routine, then the mornings will be a breeze!

So let’s just get into the glorious Morning Routine that was inspired by the lovely Flylady. It is SOOOO worth it. I promise!

Morning Routine Free Printable HERE

I already laid it all out for you in the free printable above! What I like to do is print it and add it to my Home Management Binder to put into a clear sleeve. That way I can use an erasable marker to check it off as I go!


1. Wake Up
    • Make your bed
    • If you shower, clean it while you’re in there!
    • Fix hair & face and brush teeth
    • Wipe down toilet and swish (I like to have Clorox Wipes nearby) It doesn’t take long! 
  • Pick up all Laundry in bedroom, bathroom, closet, etc. and start a load “1 load a day keeps Mt Washmore away!” And I have 5 kids, so you can imagine how crazy my laundry can get. 
2. Kitchen
    • Empty dishwasher (Cause you totally started it the night before!)
    • Start breakfast
    • Feed any animals (my animals are my kids… kidding, kidding! =P)
    • Feed the family (don’t forget to feed yourself!)
  • Go ahead and clean up breakfast after you’re done eating. It will make the entire day much easier and nothing will build up. Besides, you have an empty dishwasher all ready for dirty dishes!
3. Think and plan your day
    • Check your planner or calendar (I am new at bullet journaling and am highly addicted!)
    • Make a to-do list if you didn’t the night before
    • What’s for dinner? (better to know now instead of waiting until dinner time to figure it out! 
    • Laundry should be ready to be moved to the dryer
  • Clear out a Hot Spot. (If you do it in the morning, afternoon, and before bed, it should only take 2 minutes each time and it won’t get cluttered. Which saves even more time! SCORE!)
4. Think about YOU
    • Take vitamins and medicines
    • Sit down and enjoy all that you’ve already accomplished (You totally deserve! Granted, if you have kids there still may be more to do before you can do this stuff… LOL)
    • Study scriptures, meditate, or whatever else calms you (If kids let you… sigh)
  • Now reward yourself with computer time, reading a book, or doing something that you enjoy. 
That’s it! I know it seems like a lot of stuff, and a lot to do, but if you make it a habit and make your night time routine a habit as well, your life will not (hopefully) be as crazy as it was before. Just give it a try!! 

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