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November Bullet Journal Setup | Plan With Me

It’s a new month and with that brings another bullet journal spread made by me! YAY! I have been slacking hardcore on my planning and it sucks. Guys, planning helps me so much. I don’t know if it’s the planning, the organization, or just the doodling from it, but it is such an anxiety relief! And I don’t know about you, but I sure could use some relief from my crazy thoughts and mind. Not even kidding! Planning helps me to hold all the crazy a bit more together. Ha!

My theme for November was just fall. I didn’t go all out and do something drastic cause I have been a total slacker! I had to take it easy on myself so that I could get back into the groove of planning. One thing I like to do is create the title page on the right and on the left, share a quote that I try to apply to myself for the entire month of November. For this quote, I found it in one of my millions of Happy Planner sticker books and fell in love!

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

Guys! How true is this? I am the type of person that holds on to past hurts. And by doing so, it stumps my growth. (Maybe that’s why I’m so short?) But for real, if we can just let go of the pains, hurts, and all the things that are holding us back, and look at the bigger picture. The NOW! And the FUTURE! Then we can truly focus on ourselves and allow us to become exactly who we are meant to be. Don’t let those things drag you down. Drop them. Let them Fall. Spring is just around the corner for regrowth. WE GOT THIS!

For the next page, I always create my monthly overview. I suck at writing things in half the time, but I always look at it every week while I plan or if I’m trying to figure out what day it really is. So it is useful! Once again, I used Happy Planner stickers. No one says you have to draw everything in your planner! This sticker book was the squad girls! Love them! I bought mine at Michael’s but you can get them here as well! https://amzn.to/34oZd1h

My third page in my November Spread is all about PLANNING! These are the main two things that I really like to plan monthly instead of weekly. It just makes life so much easier! Since I do YouTube, I love to track when I am uploading a video and what the video is about. This could be work for you if that’s what you need it for! Or whatever else you feel you need to track. And of course, dinner. I SUCK at dinner. But I have noticed that if I keep track of what I’m making, it helps me to really stay on top of it. A happier me, happier hubs, and happier kids! Definitely a must.

My favorites! I love adding a mood and a habit tracker to my spreads. (Whoops! Just realized I forgot to write Habit Tracker on the right page. Oh well!)

For my mood tracker I decided to draw different fall leaves and use my main four colors I decided to use for this whole theme. Nothing too hard, yet it still looks super nice! I will share an after once it is all filled in!

Then for my habit tracker, it is super special! My 6 year old son Bryson drew the picture! I cringed when he asked if he could draw in it, and he asked right after I drew all those leaves! But being the sucker good mom I am, I let it happen. And figured I’d erase it or just draw the mood tracker on the next page and glue this one together. He felt that since I drew all of these leaves, I needed a tree to go with it. And I loved it! I kept his drawing and, other than changing up the branches a bit on the tree, I used it for my habit tracker. It’s perfect! He had used a pencil and I went over it all with my pen and markers.

So for my habit tracker, I am tracking my water (days I drink 64oz), my exercise (which will probably be pretty empty unless I get it together this month HA!), planning, and days I post on Instagram. If you would like to join my instagram, I’d love to have you! Click here for my main page and here for my bujo page. (Shameless plug)

Here is my Brain Dump page. It is basically where I dump all of my thoughts and ideas, or appointments I need to quickly write down. Basically it is free for all the things! Pretty self explanatory.

Ok that is all! I will share my weekly spreads in a whole new blog post coming soon. If you want to see me actually plan this entire spread and watch me create it, definitely click on the video link below! It was a ton of fun to create. And you will get a peek at how I did my first weekly spread. Now, what theme should I do for December? I am so excited to get started! I’ll definitely keep you posted. =P

Items I used: *Some of these links may be affiliate links*

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