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Plan With Me | September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Here is my September Bullet Journal Set Up. I stuck with a fall theme because I just love the colors and I’m totally obsessed with trees.

I totally messed up on my cover and my days, So I did end up with a sticker on here, but this was what it looked like before the random sticker. HA!

I also messed up my days on my monthly overview so I changed my start day to be Sunday, instead of Monday. And easy enough fix! Though I’m totally more used to a Monday start.

For my Mood Tracker, I drew another one of my Fall trees. But instead of drawing the leaves on, I left it blank. I will draw them in each day and number them depending on my mood for the day. It should be full of fall leaves by the end of the month!

And of course I need a habit tracker to help me to stay on top of all these habits. I may still totally fail, but I sure as heck try. LOL

I feel like my lopsided Brain Dump didn’t look right. I went back in and drew more branches with leaves and it looks so much better. But I already had this picture so I will have to share it later.

I decided to try a sleep tracker, along with a dinner and water tracker. I think it will be interesting to see my energy depending on my sleep and water.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my September Plan With Me!

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New 2020 Plan With Me – https://youtu.be/wDZNwBMb1OU August Plan With Me – https://youtu.be/2C_b7mP7vnM

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